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6 Things Chris Brown Has Time for Since He Quit Twitter

Chris Brown quit Twitter after losing a war of words with comedian Jenny Johnson, leaving so much room in his schedule for activities!

"Anyone shocked by Chris Brown’s threat to shit in Jenny Johnson’s eye over the weekend never played Call of Duty on Xbox Live.”

seriously, anyone that’s delved even slightly into the vortex of the internet could tell you how tame Breezy’s tirade was compared to some of the vitriol that’s out there. not condoning it in the least, just saying I’ve seen way worse from anonymous fuckwads.

internet, man. 

also, check out 50 Cent’s twitter, where you’ll find gems like this:

I’m not trying to sell g-unit shoes to you. you bought it already. I’ll go get a gay French designer and sell you $8 sneakers for $1,300 Lmao

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